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Cask Trade is extremely excited to announce the partnership with the pioneering rum powerhouse, Renegade Rum! We have an exclusive agreement for the sale of rum casks from the Renegade Distillery for the next three years.

Renegade Rum distillery is the latest ground-breaking terroir-driven project by iconoclastic genius Mark Reynier. With a background steeped in the French wine industry, the importance of terroir has been a driving force in all of Reyniers projects. Starting out on the west coast of Scotland, he bought the then-rundown Bruichladdich distillery and completely transformed its fortunes by using locally grown barley and much slower improved distillation techniques.

Emboldened by the success here, Reynier looked for the worlds highest quality barley and found that it grew near Waterford in Ireland. This was the inspiration for opening his Irish whisky distillery, Waterford Distillery, which again was a huge success.

Now he has turned his attention to the rum industry… Reynier started out with the ambition of making a rum as interesting, serious and complex as a great single malt whisky. The result is the Renegade Rum Distillery in Grenada.

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Terroir-Driven Rum

After much research, Grenada was discovered to be the perfect location for growing sugar cane. An island with a diversity of fertile volcanic soil, microclimates, and varying altitudes. By growing several types of sugar cane on a dozen farms scattered around the island they have created up to 70 completely unique terroirs, which, when milled & distilled individually, terroir by terroir, have the potential to create countless distinct distillates. This is completely ground-breaking and the first for the rum industry.


The rum is distilled from fresh sugar cane juice – the source of rum’s natural flavour – and not molasses. Initially, six heritage varieties of sugar cane were planted on the island. This then was finally narrowed down to three types which produced the finest distillate and adapted the best to the Grenadian terroir. As sugarcane production on the island had virtually ceased, the distillery realised they had to become farmers as well. A company called CaneCo was set up to supply the needs of the distillery cultivating 200 acres of land.

The Distillery

With building commencing in 2018 and completed during the global pandemic in 2021, Renegade Rum is the first new distillery on the Windward Islands for over 100 years! This modern, high-tech distillery, using knowledge gleaned from the whisky industry, is environmentally sound, as the power comes from a biomass boiler that uses the spent sugar cane excess, which is called bagasse.

The copper pot stills as well as the small batch column stills were manufactured by the famous Forsyths in Scotland. Each day one subsection of a field is distilled, producing a huge variety of different distillates. Fermentation is another pioneering aspect of the distillery as they have installed the world’s first, horizontal and thermoregulated fermenters designed to produce the cleanest, purest flavours of sugar cane.


Renegade uses several different types of casks. Virgin American and Virgin French oak, First Fill American and Premium French, and interestingly Colombian Andean oak. The optimal maturation is estimated at five years.

Cask Types Available 

The cask types available are as follows:

~ Renegade Cane Rum, Hogshead, 2022 to 2024

~ Renegade Cane Rum, Barrel, 2022 to 2024

The casks are new-make rum. Each option is filled into various types of casks including, but not limited to, French Oak Barriques (ex-wine casks) and American Oak.

Maturation options include locations in Grenada or Waterford, Ireland.

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