1. Why rum?

Cask Trade have always had a keen interest in rum and indeed other spirits we supplied some of the most prestigious independent bottlers with exceptional rums over the years.

2. Why Renegade?

Renegade Rum is a truly unique project, with sustainability and clarity at the heart of the distillery’s creation. We believe with whisky expert Mark Reynier at the helm, Renegade is due to be the world’s preeminent premium rum brand.

3. Can I draw a cask sample?

Yes but subject to Ts & Cs.

4. Can I visit my cask?

Unfortunately it may not be possible to visit your exact cask, but Renegade Rum in Grenada do offer tours of the distillery.

5. Can I bottle my cask?

Yes, details are included in our cask program handbook.

6. Where is my cask lying?

Depending on your purchase option the cask will either be in Grenada or Ireland.

7. What kind of casks are used?

We can offer various types of casks, although the most common style is French Oak Barriques (225 litres), either first fill or previously used for the production of red wine. Ex-Bourbon Barrels (190 litres) will also be used, typically those lying in Ireland.

8. What is Angel's Share?

Angel's Share is the common term used for the natural loss of spirit via evaporation. In Grenada this is around 8% per year, in Ireland this is lower at around 3% per year.

9. Do I have anything else to pay?

If you wish to bottle your cask there will be applicable bottling and tax calculated at the time of bottling.