Additional Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Renegade Rum:

  • The Rum must be stored at either:
    1. Stafford Bonded Warehouse, Ballygarran, Waterford, Ireland
    2. Renegade Rum Distillery, Meadows, St Andrews, Grenada
  • Bottling preferably to be done at either location.
  • Permission from Renegade Rum required to move cask to an alternative bottling plant.
  • Bottling can be done at any time (although not recommended for at least 3 years)
  • Label must be approved by Renegade Rum in all instances.
  • Label cannot infringe upon Renegade Rum copyright, trademark or logo.
  • Label can refer to “Distilled at Renegade Distillery”
  • Cannot sell cask on for at least 3 years from filling date. A sale on requires express permission of Cask Trade (permission will not be reasonably withheld):
    1. Inform Cask Trade of onward sale at least 1 week prior to the transfer.
    2. Accept or reject buyback offer from Cask Trade.
    3. Transfer Document to be signed by you as the seller and the buyer.
    4. New buyer to provide DD (if applicable) and be responsible for the storage and insurance form the date of sale (invoice date). (Need to inform Warehouse of new owner). Buyer to be responsible for storage and insurance up to date of sale.
  • 3 years free storage and insurance from the filling date.
  • Casks maybe visited with permission from the distillery via request to Cask Trade.